12 Stunning Instagram Theme Ideas!

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This article is for you if you want to plan a PERFECT feed for your Instagram profile or just looking for some inspiration.

In this article, you will find different Instagram themes you can choose to create your own: bright or dark, borders or no borders, minimal or puzzle, and so on. Plenty of choices and loads of fun!

But, wait! Before we jump into the Instagram Theme Ideas, let’s learn the basics.

What Is An Instagram Theme?

An Instagram theme means the entire aesthetic look of your profile. When you want to use one or two elements – this could be a colour, borders, patterns or even similar photo style in your feed – for visual consistency all over your Instagram content then it is said to be your theme (as shown below).

Source: Pinterest

Maintaining a consistent theme is important to make your Instagram page look aesthetically pleasing and create a lasting impression on the visitors.

Are Instagram Themes Important?

Source: Freepik

Creating a consistent theme across your Instagram content binds all your content pieces together.

An Instagram theme is also beneficial:

  • To convey your brand personality and effectively raise brand awareness.
  • To create a long-lasting impression on your followers.
  • To increase the chances of your visitors recognising your brand in their feeds.

Then, are you all bucked up to showcase your Instagram profile to about 1 billion active users? Boost your creativity to step up your Instagram game with these 12 stunning Instagram themes ideas!

  • Minimalist Theme

If you hate clutter in your feed, want to challenge your creativity and imagination then go for a “Minimalist Theme”.

The main feature of this style is the white space that sheds light on a specific detail and is less distracting by nature. Plus, it makes the images inviting, and develops feelings of serenity and stability. This also makes your feed absolutely beautiful to scroll through (as shown below).

Image Source

  • Puzzle-Grid Theme

A puzzle-grid theme is when all your images on the feed are connected together and form a large picture. Although this theme requires strategic planning before you actually post the images on your page, it might be one of the best engaging Instagram theme ideas to raise curiosity from your existing followers and to be followers.

If you want to use this strategy successfully, you should maintain a high quality of each individual image after you break down the large image. Also, you should ensure that every single image should serve a sense of purpose on its own to encourage more clicks.

Be it launching a big campaign or highlighting an idea, the puzzle-grid theme works best.

Here is a nice example of the puzzle-grid theme which doesn’t overuse the layout, but knows exactly when and what to underline:

Image Source

  • Pastel Theme

If you want to make your Instagram page appear cheerful, natural, and happy, but you don’t want to go for intense, bright colours – then pastel colours are a great choice. Plus, the pastel theme is captivating and aesthetically pleasing.

Image Source

  • One Colour Theme

One of the easiest and simplest ways to choose an Instagram theme for your feed is by picking one single colour and sticking to it. This theme makes your feed look clean and coordinated at a distance. It’s appealing specifically if you opt for an eye-pleasing, calm colour, like the blue colour as shown in the below example:

Image Source

  • Checkerboard Theme

If you don’t want to go for horizontal or vertical lines, you can try a checkerboard theme. You might think why so? Like horizontal or vertical lines, this theme lets you switch between the content, images and even colours as seen in the below-mentioned example:

Image Source

  • Flatlays Theme

Flatlays are so popular nowadays and without any doubt – it is one of the best Instagram themes out there.

But what are “Flatlays”? The definition is pretty simple: It is an image, or a style of the photograph, consisting of several things arranged on a surface and then photographed from above.

A superb option to display a product or different products that act well together as a group or just assist your Instagram audience to view a product(s) from another perspective. For better understanding have a look at this delicious example:

Image Source

  • Mix & Match (Horizontal and Vertical Borders) Theme

This theme is totally unique yet playful. Every image has its own room to shine as there is a plentiful amount of space among them. It can prove to be an impressive theme for any kind of image and colour.

Image Source

  • Quotes Theme

If you like to write and inspire people then the “Quotes theme” are meant for you! Be it a personal or business Instagram account, this theme entitles you to display your ideas to attract and bring your audience closer to you who wants to share them too.

Image Source

  • Black or White Borders Theme

Black borders are rare to see on Instagram presently, accordingly a perfect theme to make your feed stand out. Using black borders on minimal images or any images with a burst of colour makes your feed look neat, polished and organised.

Image Source

One of the easiest ways to start an Instagram theme is by using white borders on your images. Even if the images you are posting on your feed are of different colours, different image sizes – your entire Instagram feed will look in tune.

White borders add on space between your images that makes your overall feed look clean, eye-catchy and breathable. This theme reminds you of polaroid images, just as you will see in the example below:

Image Source

  • Doodles Theme

You can always have fun drawing “Doodles” and use the same on your Instagram feed as well to stand out. It gives you a competitive edge compared to just posting regular image posts.

This is a good opportunity if you want to attract people’s attention to your artistic abilities. Plus, it is definite to secure a smile from your audience, just like these adorable doodles as shown below:

Image Source

  • Bright Colours Theme

Colours have always been a powerful tool to lure people into checking out a particular object(s). The same goes for Instagram. If you want to get your profile noticed by the audience then opt for a “Bright colour theme”.

This theme is so popular on Instagram at the moment. By using pop-out colours, you can easily make your Instagram profile stand out.

Bright colours are attention-grabbing, fun and creative to indicate playfulness.

Image Source

  • Grayscale Theme

If you want to give a mystery feel to your Instagram feed, a grayscale theme is an ideal choice for you. It is super-easy to create as Instagram has the accurate filters for that.

Your Instagram profile will get an instant heavy feel, keeping all the audiences’ eyes on it. Resulting in making your feed look clean, sleek, and professional.

Image Source

We hope this blog post was insightful and all these Instagram theme ideas have inspired you to create your own stunning feed. Honestly, we like them all. But, what about you? Let us know which one was your favourite and why in the comment section below.